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Image Resources (Copyright Free): Digital Image Libraries

The guide will link you to image libraries with images that you do not have to obtain copyright permissions to use. The images are either in the public domain or covered by a Creative Commons license.

About This Guide

If you are going to use a copyrighted image in a permanent presentation, lecture, slideshow, etc., which you intend to reuse multiple times, you will have to seek permission to use the image from the entity who owns the image. If you wish to change and/or edit an image, which has copyright protection, you will also need to get permission from the copyright holder to create a derivative work.
Use this guide to locate images, which are NOT PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT. These images may be used or altered without seeking any copyright permissions. If the image is protected by a CC license, Creative Commons License, be sure to adhere to any restrictions listed in the CC license. 

Be sure to ALWAYS CHECK each image you use to make sure it is in the public domain. 

Medical Image Search Engines (results may contain both public domain and CC images)

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Lisa Beinhoff, Ph.D., MLS, AHIP
MEB Library

Medical Public Domain Image Libraries

The easiest way to search for public domain images is to do a "Google Advanced Image Search." By using this type of search, you can limit your search by usage rights. Any of the different types on free to use images can be used for educational purposes.

Specialized Medical Image Libraries