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PLFSOM Student Guides: PaperCut

This guide is designed to provide Medical Students with direct access to critical materials.

$50.00 Library Credit

On September 1st of each year, every student is given a $50.00 credit in their library PaperCut account. 

  • In order to automatically receive this credit, a student needs to have an existing PaperCut account on Sept. 1st.
  • If a student creates a PaperCut account after September 1st, he/she will need to notify the library staff in order to receive his/her $50.00 credit. Money in the student's PaperCut account may be used to pay for any library service, library fine, or library fee. 



  • TTUHSCEP students' PaperCut accounts are automatically replenished with $50.00 on the fixed calendar date (not academic semester date) of September 1st
  • You can also self-service transfer credit from your PaperCut account to another user with the built-in Transfer feature.
  • Faculty / Staff / Residents get a one-time $5.00 complimentary starter credit.
  • PaperCut accounts can be used to directly pay for color and B & W printing.
  • PaperCut accounts can be indirectly used to pay for any other library service including overdue book fines, lost book fees, 3D prints, poster printing, RUSH interlibrary loan requests, document delivery services, mediated searches, etc. (just ask to have a staff member at a library desk to process the transaction for you).

Creating a PaperCut Account

  1. Go to a TTUHSCEP Library.
  2. Login to a library computer using your eRaider account.
  3. Send something to be printed.
  4. Your account will be automatically created.
  5. You will automatically receive a one-time credit of $5.00 in your account.
  • You should cancel your initial print request, if you do not want it debited from your account.

Credit Surplus

  • PaperCut accounts are not "savings accounts," and balances are non-refundable.
  • PaperCut only replenishes accounts that exist.
  • PaperCut balances may be transferred to other students.
  • Examples:
    • A  balance of $0.00 on Sept. 1st will become a new balance of $50.00.

    • A balance of $10.00 on Sept. 1st will become a new balance of $60.00.

    • A balance of $50.00 on Sept. 1st will become a balance of $100.00.

    • A balance of $75.00 on Sept. 1st will become a balance of $125.00.

    • A balance of $75.00 will become a balance of $0.00 on Sept. 1st if the student is no longer a student on Sept. 1st and the account has been inactive for a year. (exception: account balances will remain for students who graduate but remain active. This includes those that continue on as residents at TTUHSC EP).

Check Your EXISTING PaperCut Account