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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee: Databases for an IACUC Literature Search

This guide lists the databases which should be searched when creating a literature search for an IACUC protocol.

Recommended Databases

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Same resources, different searching engines. Browzine is a new application that facilitates the search of Journals.



Keywords and Concepts

When forming a search strategy to identify whether a study replicates the research of a previous study, it is best to first identify all the terms related to a concept before creating such a strategy. After each group of terms are identified, a search strategy can be created and used in all applicable databases. 
Example of a Robust Search Strategy: 
For example, a search strategy for a literature search surveying the studies of which sedatives are effective for treating the pain associated with ebola would be:
(analgesic OR analgesia OR painkiller OR sedative OR sedatives OR tranquilizing OR tranquilizer) AND (ebola OR hemorrhagic fever OR ebolavirus OR hemorrhagic)

Reference Librarian

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Lisa Beinhoff, Ph.D., MLS, AHIP
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