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LibKey Overview of Functionality

LibKey Link provides true, one-click access from PubMed record to PDF by minimizing confusion and frustration navigating link resolver choices and publisher pages.



LibKey BrowZine

BrowZine is an application that facilitates the searches for eJournals. BrowZine returns subject results in addition to journal results if a user uses a broad term like "surgery." This allows a user to easily see a host of journals, similar to the ones they are familiar with, presented in a easy-to-grasp graphical format, and scoped to your library's holdings.  If a user looks up a specific journal title instead, each journal lists the subject areas under which it is classified, allowing the user to continue browsing for similar titles.

Search Articles Using DOI and PMID

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that facilitates access to articles available from TTUHSC El Paso Library subscriptions without needing to go to the library website.

Install LibKey Nomad

1. Go to, scroll down and select the browser you prefer. 

2. Then click on add extension.


3. Once the installation is completed, please select your library. Please make Sure to Select Texas Tech Health Sciences Center El Paso