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Safety at the Library: Safety Procedures at the Library

Emergency Notification Database


Emergency Preparedness

The TTUHSC Emergency Alert Notification System communicates important alerts and emergency response information to students, faculty and staff. 

The information entered in this database is secure and will only be used to reach you in the event of a campus emergency.

Click here to update your contact information and receive emergency alerts.


TTUHSC Safety Department

TTUHSC Mission Statement

Mission of TTUHSC
Safety Services Department

"The mission of the Department of Safety Services is to promote a safe and healthy workplace, protect the environment, and assure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements at all TTUHSC campuses. To accomplish this mission, the Safety Services staff will emphasize responsive customer service in providing educational, technical, advisory, and operational support.”

Safety Services Contacts

  • Calvin Shanks,       Senior Director
  • Carl Manning,         Fire Marchal
  • Martha Quezada,    Unit Coordinator


Fire Emergency Protocol at the Library

Report Forms

Once these forms have been completed, please forward them to the Human Resources Department. They will review the report and submit it to TTUHSC System Office of Risk Management.

Library Computer Policies

TTUHSC affiliated patrons who have an e-raider may use any of the computers and printers located inside the libraries. You must always use your e-raider and password at all times in order to login.

  • Due to the HIPPA act, no Patient Health Information (PHI) should ever be printed or accessed from the Libraries computers.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the computer labs.
  • Unauthorized taking of paper out of printers is not allowed and money will be deducted from your paper-cut account if caught.
  • Never share your Password with anyone.
  • TTUHSC patrons should avoid using the library computers for social media and streaming services.
  • Head/ear phones must be used for all audio and video activity while using the computer. Please see the Circulations desks for headphones.

For assistance with your e-raider, software, or computer updates contact the IT helpdesk at 915-215-4111.

Computer use for non-TTUHSC Patrons

  • Non-TTUHSC patrons (FOTL, Community users, Hospital contract, visitors) only have access to certain computers and may only use them for medical research.
  • Patrons from the public are not allowed to use or plug-in any USB drives or devices or CDs.
  • Public patrons are allowed to limited printing.

Reporting Incidents or Injuries

In the event of an employee incident or injury:
  1. Seek medical attention if necessary.
  2. Call TTUHSC Police at 915-215-7111 and report the incident and location.
  3. Notify Safety Services at 915-215-4820 and report the incident and location.

According to the Safety department, the icon must to be installed in all TTUHSC computers. Those include, computer labs and staff computers. In case you do not have the TTUHSC occurrence report icon, contact your Unite safety officer (USO). He/She will contact the Library IT Tech staff for assistance.

Employee Must Complete and Submit:

Supervisor Must Complete and Submit:

Active Shooter Training Videos

TTUHSC EP Trainings

Safety trainings are provided through a variety of methods such as classroom, video, and online. Curriculum components include Accident Prevention, Emergency Procedures, Infectious Diseases, Hazard Communication, and Safety Programs. An overview of the department and training instructions are presented at the New Employee Orientation.


MEB Unit Safety Officer (USO)

Profile Photo
Andrew Contreras
he / him
MEB Library

MSB II Unit Safety Officer (USO)

Profile Photo
Lisa Beinhoff, Ph.D., MLS, AHIP
MEB Library