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PLFSOM Textbooks: Subjects and Spanish

This guide provides links to current textbooks for PLFSOM students. If you ever notice a broken link in this guide, please notify Lisa Beinhoff.

About This Guide

Use this link to access the libraries' catalog and to locate more books and eBooks.

Textbook Information

Textbooks and reference materials are organized by subject.  This page provides links to all the other PLFSOM student textbook pages and a list of the most popular Medical Spanish Textbooks.

The libraries provide access to a much large collection of eBooks than are listed in this guide.  Because of the unique nature of the digital format, these books may contain embedded videos, audio,data sets, etc., which are not in their physical counterparts. All the eBooks that the libraries have purchased are listed in the libraries catalog called Koha.  Direct links to eBooks located in Koha are highlighted in green. 

Spanish "Quick Study" Sheets