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Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition: Keyword Searching

A guide provided by EBSCO database that provides nearly 550 scholarly full text journals on medical disciplines. Coverage of nursing and allied health is particularly strong. This database is updated on a daily basis.

Searching Tips

There are a number of helpful tips and hints you can use to improve your search results. For example, you can use Boolean operators to link search terms together; and/or limit the search to a specific title.

  • Using the "AND" operator
    • For example, type sleep AND walking to find results that refer to both sleep and walking.
  • Using the "OR" operator
    • As an example, search sleep AND walking OR waking to find results that reference the terms "sleep" and "walking" or the term "waking".
  • Using the "NOT" operator
    • Type sleep OR walking NOT waking to find results that contain the terms "sleep" or "walking" but not the term "waking".
    • To further define your results, type: sleep AND walking AND waking to constrict the search to include all terms linked by the "AND" operator.
  • Grouping Terms Together Using Parentheses
    • Parentheses also may be used to control a search query.
    • Generalized Search: dog or cat and show or parade
    • Focused Search: (dog or cat) and (show or parade).
      • In the first example, the search will retrieve everything on dog or cat shows AS WELL AS everything on parades whether or not the articles refer to dogs or cats
      • In the second example, we have used the parentheses to control our query to only find articles about shows or parades that reference dogs or cats.