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Policies: Business Continuity Policy

Please review these documents prior to, and in preparation for, a TTUHSC El Paso internet outage.

Alternative Information Resources for Patrons

The following print and online information resources are recommended for patrons as an alternative to the TTUHSC Libraries’ website during an Internet outage:
  • Direct access to (outside of the TTUHSC server): Patrons will not be able to see which journals the TTUHSC Libraries own or have full-text access to the journal articles. Patrons can limit PubMed searches to nursing journals by using the Filters feature and selecting “Nursing Journals” in the “Journal Categories” section.
  • The TTUHSC Libraries own the print version of Index Medicus at the Amarillo, Lubbock, and Odessa campus libraries. The print version is only current up to 2004.
  • PubMed Central ( and NCBI’s Bookshelf ( provides free access to select biomedical and life sciences journals and ebooks.
  • Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL): No direct access to the database outside of the TTUHSC server. TTUHSC Libraries do own the print version at the Amarillo, Lubbock, and Odessa campus libraries. The print version is only current up to 2007.
  • Core medical books and journals may be available in print. WorldCat mobile can be used to verify book and journal holdings at the TTUHSC Libraries. Patrons can type this URL into their mobile device’s web browser:
  • Distance education students may be able to use local academic libraries depending on library policies. It is best to call the library first. Local public libraries may have access to several of the TTUHSC Libraries’ TexShare database subscriptions.
  • Patrons using an outside server may send an email to for reference assistance. Patrons may also contact a Reference Librarian via phone:
    • Amarillo 806-354-5450
    • Lubbock 806-743-2200
    • El Paso 915-215-4315 (AEC) 915-215-4306 (MEB)
    • Odessa 432-703-5033  
Patrons should look for updates on the TTUHSC announcements page along with the TTUHSC Libraries’ Facebook page, RSS feeds, Twitter, and proxy server log-on page.

TTUHSC Library Staff

  • Circulation staff and Reference Librarians at each campus will provide patrons with a print list with alternative ways of obtaining information. Circulation can check out books manually.
  • Systems (Paul Landers) will post a message regarding the Internet outage on the proxy server log-on page and RSS feeds (if accessible). Facebook and Twitter administrators will post messages to the TTUHSC Libraries Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • An Interlibrary Loan representative (Peggy Edwards or David Cox) will contact the Regional Medical Library (RML) to ask if it can post a message to the MEDLIB-L, DOCLINE-L, and NN/LM SCR listservs to let national and regional libraries know that the TTUHSC Libraries’ DOCLINE is down. The phone number for the South Central Region RML is (713) 799-7880. Interlibrary Loan staff on each campus will contact contracts to inform them of any outstanding ILL requests that may be affected by the Internet outage.
  • Interlibrary Loan staff on each campus will also contact patrons with Rush article requests to inform them of the Internet outage. Fax service may used to obtain ILL requests in lieu of email.
  • Associate Directors at each campus will contact local libraries in their areas to notify them of our loss of Internet and to ask permission for TTUHSC students/faculty to come to their libraries for information.
  • The Senior Director of Public Services (Stephanie Shippey) will contact the schools at the Abilene, Dallas, Highland Lakes, and Marble Falls campuses to let them know that they can either phone or contact the email account for reference assistance.
  • Library staff is encouraged to utilize smartphones, personal Wi-Fi hotspots, or iPads to access information resources. Staff may be able to set their smartphones to print to local printers.
  • Several of the campus libraries have “fail safe” phones that works when the Internet is down:
    • El Paso 915-215-4315 (AEC Circ) 915-215-4306 (MEB Circ)
    • Lubbock 806-243-2200 (Circ) 806-743-2213 (LRC) 806-743-2203 (Admin)
    • Odessa 432-703-5033
  • Acquisitions (Amy Faltinek) can provide vendor contact information for obtaining articles from online journals for which the TTUHSC Libraries has paid access.