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Circulation: Library Computer and Printing Policies

PaperCut Printing Account

Each TTUHSC patron receives a PaperCut printing account once they have logged onto a library computer. A PaperCut printing account is a money account used to pay for printing from our computers, among other fines and fees.

  • TTUHSCEP Medical, Nursing, Dental and Graduate student  accounts are automatically replenished with $50.00 on the  academic semester dates of September 1st and January 3rd. 
  • PaperCut accounts can be indirectly used to pay for any other library service including overdue book fines, lost book fees, 3D prints, poster printing, RUSH interlibrary loan request, document delivery services, mediated searches, etc. (just ask a staff member at a library desk to process the transaction for you).

On September 1st and January 3rd of each year, every student is given a $50.00 credit in their library PaperCut account. 

  • In order to automatically receive this credit, a student needs to have an existing PaperCut account on Sept. 1st and/ or January 3rd. 
  • If a student creates a PaperCut account after September 1st and/ or January 3rd , he/she will need to notify the library staff in order to receive his/her $50.00 credit. Money in the student's PaperCut account may be used to pay for any library service, library fine, or library fee. 
  • PaperCut accounts are not "savings accounts," and balances are non-refundable.
  • PaperCut only replenishes accounts that exist.
  • PaperCut balances may be transferred to other students.

Library Computer Policies

TTUHSC affiliated patrons who have an e-raider may use any of the computers and printers located inside the libraries. You must always use your e-raider and password at all times in order to login.

  • Due to the HIPPA act, no Patient Health Information (PHI) should ever be printed or accessed from the Libraries computers.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the computer labs.
  • Unauthorized taking of paper out of printers is not allowed and money will be deducted from your paper-cut account if caught.
  • Never share your Password with anyone.
  • TTUHSC patrons should avoid using the library computers for social media and streaming services.
  • Head/ear phones must be used for all audio and video activity while using the computer. Please see the Circulations desks for headphones.

For assistance with your e-raider, software, or computer updates contact the IT helpdesk at 915-215-4111.

Computer use for non-TTUHSC Patrons

  • Non-TTUHSC patrons (FOTL, Community users, Hospital contract, visitors) only have access to certain computers and may only use them for medical research.
  • Patrons from the public are not allowed to use or plug-in any USB drives or devices or CDs.
  • Public patrons are allowed to limited printing.

How to create a PaperCut Account

  1. Go to a TTUHSCEP Library.
  2. Login to a library computer using your eRaider account.
  3. Send something to be printed.
  4. Your account will be automatically created.

* You can add money to your PaperCut account by visiting any of our libraries or online by clicking here.