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Circulation: Library Computer and Printing Policies

PaperCut Printing Account

Only TTUHSC students will receive a PaperCut printing account once they have logged onto a library computer. A PaperCut printing account is a money account used to pay for printing from our computers, among other fines and fees.

  • TTUHSCEP Medical, Nursing, Dental and Graduate student  accounts are automatically replenished with $400.00 on the academic semester date of June 1st. Unused PaperCut Credit does not carry over into the next academic semester and will be wiped to $0.00 on May 31st.
  • PaperCut accounts can be indirectly used to pay for any other library service including overdue book fines, 3D prints, poster printing, poster tube, etc. (just ask a staff member at a library desk to process the transaction for you).

In June of each year, every student is given a $400.00 credit in their library PaperCut account. This credit is added once the library receives an official list of enrolled students from the Registrar's Office.

  • In order to automatically receive this credit, a student needs to have an existing PaperCut account
  • Students that create their PaperCut accounts after credits have been added for the semester will need to notify library staff in order to have their accounts can be credited.
  • Money in the student's PaperCut account may be used to pay for any 3D Print, Poster Print or library overdue fine. 
  • PaperCut accounts are not "savings accounts," and balances are non-refundable.
  • PaperCut only replenishes accounts that exist.

Library Computer Policies

TTUHSC affiliated patrons who have an e-raider may use any of the computers and printers located inside the libraries. You must always use your e-raider and password at all times in order to login.

  • Due to the HIPPA act, no Patient Health Information (PHI) should ever be printed or accessed from the Libraries computers.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the computer labs.
  • Unauthorized taking of paper out of printers is not allowed and money will be deducted from your paper-cut account if caught.
  • Never share your Password with anyone.
  • TTUHSC patrons should avoid using the library computers for social media and streaming services.
  • Head/ear phones must be used for all audio and video activity while using the computer. Please see the Circulations desks for headphones.

For assistance with your e-raider, software, or computer updates contact the IT helpdesk at 915-215-4111.

Computer use for non-TTUHSC Patrons

  • Non-TTUHSC patrons (FOTL, Community users, Hospital contract, visitors) only have access to certain computers and may only use them for medical research.
  • Patrons from the public are not allowed to use or plug-in any USB drives or devices or CDs.
  • Public patrons are allowed to limited printing.

How to create a PaperCut Account

  1. Go to a TTUHSCEP Library.
  2. Login to a library computer using your eRaider account.
  3. Send something to be printed.
  4. Your account will be automatically created.