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Study Test Bank Guides: BoardVitals

Welcome to the TTUHSC El Paso Libraries subject guide for exam preparation resources including books, websites, databases, etc.

What is BoardVitals?

BoardVitals is an exam preparation database that provides review questions for board exams certification exams, maintenance of certification (MOC) and continuing education requirements. BoardVitals offers this study material for physicians, medical students, and others in the health-care industry. 

         NOTE: New users will need to create a BoardVitals account using their email address. 

BoardVitals Available Question Banks

The library's subscription for question banks are listed below:

- AACN Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP                                 - NCLEX RN                                                                               - Psychiatry
- AANP Family Nurse Practitioner                                               - Neurology Shelf Exam                                                             - Psychiatry MOC
- Addiction Medicine                                                                    - Nuclear Cardiology                                                                  - Psychiatry Shelf Exam
- ANCC Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP                                 - OBGYN                                                                                    - Psychiatry Vignettes
- ANCC Family Nurse Practitioner                                              - OBGYN MOC                                                                           - Radiology
- Child Psychiatry                                                                        - OBGYN Shelf Exam                                                                 - Radiology MOC
- Child Psychiatry MOC                                                               - Ophthalmology                                                                         - Rheumatology
- CREOG                                                                                     - PANCE                                                                                     - Sports Medicine
- Emergency Medicine Shelf Exam                                             - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner                                                     - Surgery Shelf-Exam     
- Family Medicine Shelf Exam                                                     - Pediatrics Shelf Exam                                                             - USMLE Step 1
- Internal Medicine Shelf Exam                                                   - Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner                           - USMLE Step 2     
- NAPLEX                                                                                                                                                                                       - USMLE Step 3

Registration Instructions

Register for a BoardVitals Account

It is important that you register for BoardVitals on a computer that is connected to the network. Registration is based on IP addresses. If you utilize the proxy server box this may compromise this requirement. Once you register while on campus, you should have no difficulty accessing Board Vitals off-campus.

To get started with BoardVitals, you'll need to create a BoardVitals account using your email address. You will not be able to access TTUHSC EP Library BoardVitals subscription using any other email address.

  1. Go to the TTUHSC Library homepage and click on Databases A-Z.

  2. Under Frequently Used Databases, select BoardVitals.

  3. Click the REGISTER link above the BoardVitals homepage. 

  4. Fill out the form using your email address.

  5. Click the sign up button at the bottom of the form and check your email. You will receive an email when your BoardVitals account is ready to use. Read the email for additional information.